He Xiaobo has the right to die at liberty, he who had finished his work with these words:
"I hope that I shall be the last victim of the incessant intellectual inquisition, and that afterwards I shall not be incriminated for his words." Freedom of expression is the basis of human rights, the foundation of humanity, the mother of truth. I do not consider myself guilty because I have done everything I can to assume my social responsibilities as Chinese citizen. And if I am accused for that I would not complain. "

The US embassy in Beijing joined the growing demands of Chinese lawyers and activists demanding the full release of the political opponent.
Now aged 61, Liu Xiaobo was sentenced in 2009 to 11 years of reclusion for "subversion". Emblem of the struggle for democracy in China, he co-authored a manifesto, Charter 08, advocating respect for human rights and free elections.
He was released on parole and hospitalized after he was diagnosed with end-stage liver cancer in May, his lawyer Mo Shaoping said Monday.
"We call on the Chinese authorities not only to release Mr. Liu, but also to release his wife, Ms. Liu Xia, from the residence under surveillance," the spokesman said. American Embassy Mary Beth Polley.
Liu Xia has been under house arrest at her home in Beijing since 2010, when her husband was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Su Yutong, a journalist and Chinese activist exiled in Germany, broadcast a video on Twitter where the dissident's wife crying out: "He can not be operated on or received chemotherapy!"
Not free
According to the dissident's lawyer, his wife is allowed to visit him daily in a hospital in Shenyang (northeast).
"But policemen are permanently in the room. Apart from some relatives, Liu Xiaobo can not have any contact with the outside, not even with his lawyers," he told AFP.
China must provide the couple with "protection and freedom - such as freedom of movement and access to medical care of their choice - to which they are entitled by virtue of the Chinese constitution and legal system and international obligations" , Said Polley, of the US Embassy.
But the Chinese Foreign Ministry firmly replied Tuesday: "No country has the right to interfere or make irresponsible remarks on Chinese internal affairs," spokesman Lu Kang said.
"China is a country governed by the rule of law, where everyone is equal before the law. Every country should respect the judicial sovereignty of China," he insisted at a regular press briefing.
According to the Dui Hua Foundation, a US-based NGO, a person on conditional release for health reasons in China is not "free or released" but remains "monitored by local public security offices ".
After six months of care, his state of health will be assessed: either parole is prolonged, or the convict returns to prison to serve the rest of his sentence, according to the same source.
'Sentenced to death'
Hundreds of lawyers, activists and friends of Liu Xiaobo signed on Tuesday a petition urging Beijing to give the Nobel Peace Prize a "total freedom" and allow him to choose his doctors freely.
The dissident is currently being cared for by a "team of eight renowned oncologists," the authorities said. His lawyer told AFP that people on parole in China can not in theory go abroad, but that the option remained possible according to him according to Chinese law.
The Nobel Peace Committee, while "happy" to see Mr. Liu released, "very deeply regretted that it took a serious illness for him to be released."
"The Chinese authorities bear a heavy responsibility if the deprivation of liberty meant that he did not receive the necessary medical aid in time," he said.
Unique Nobel Peace imprisoned in the world, Mr. Liu has become a cumbersome symbol for the communist regime. Washington and the European Union have long called for its liberation, in unison with a vast international mobilization.

But apart from the United States who dare to confront China that does the European Union nothing else has to look elsewhere to not fake the Chinese leaders. If all the big ones of the world dared to ask China the exit of the country of Mr. and Mrs. Liu Xiaobo may be he would have chance to live or in any case to die really freely.