Emmanuelle Macron and Human Rights

Tibet will be in his way a test among others of the "realpolitik" for Emmanuel Macron. The attitude towards the Dalai Lama is indicative of the ambiguity of the task of a politician especially in relations with China.

I saw the face of benevolence, hastened to write on his account Twister Emmanuel Macron under a picture showing the Dalai Lama giving him a "Khata" a scarf of bliss. , In order not to attract the wrath of Peking, no member of the French government had deigned to appear with the Tibetan dignitary during his visit to France last September, the candidate of the march that had not Of responsibility at the time, had gone to see the Dalai Lama in a big hotel as soon as he arrived in Paris. And to let him know about the social networks with another shot of the two man sitting side by side and holding hands, The one dodging a smile and his host looking pensive.
When the new president arrives at Elisha, will he be less pusillanimous than his predecessors on this particularly sensitive question with Peking? Tibet will also be in his way a test among others by the yardstick of the realpolitik for Emmanuel Macron. The attitude towards the Dalai Lama and therefore in Tibet is indicative of the ambiguity of the task of a politician, especially in religions with China, depending on whether he is in opposition or in power.

Obama and Merkel for example

Tibet is also the taboo subject par excellence at the UN, where China watches with the silence of secretaries general who prefer to evacuate this disturbing subject, as if the charter of the organization stops at the barrier of the Himalayas. Meanwhile, Tibet is dying in the indifference of states and the so-called international community. Driven by despair, more than 180 Tibetans have chosen to sacrifice themselves by sacrificing their own lives rather than attacking civilians. This does not make the news headlines as if only the vile burst actions
Violent events attracted attention.
To commit oneself with the Dali Lama is not insignificant and gives indications of the degree of independence of a country. There are governments that ostracize it for fear of displeasing Peking, and those who receive it without fear of reprisals. Thus Barak Obama and Angela Merkel do not have the same prejudices to converse with him as other less powerful states. Japan also welcomes him regularly and India lodges him in his exile with all the honors due to his rank. The future will tell if on this sensitive question President Macron will distinguish himself from his predecessors and remember the "face of benevolence" discovered in the past. And will be able to remind China of the existence of HUMAN RIGHTS I think Who have forgotten them.
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